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SERVE- Discovering my Ministry

"because the end of all things is at hand""


Our service to one another is more crucial all the time because the end of all things is at hand

(1 Peter 4:7).  It is of the highest importance that we do it in love, really caring for one another, showing hospitality (1 Peter 4:8-9).  God's grace comes to us in varied forms, and it comes to others through the conduit of your life.

How has God enabled you for serving in His church? 

The best way to discover the answer to this is to actually serve.  


Here are ways to start serving at BBC

* Connect Team(for church services)

*  Prayer Team

* Music/Worship Team

* Production Tech Team

* Reach Team (missions)

* Office Team

* Hospitality Team

* Food Pantry Team

* Nursery Team

* Children's Ministry Team

* Youth/College Ministry Team

* Camp Team

* School Team

* Facilities Care Team

* Leadership Team


Remember, God has specifically enabled you to serve in His church, for the common good.  If you don't do what the Lord has for you to do, who will. 

To join and/or get more information for any one of the above listed serve teams contact the servers in the church office.  541-883-2289



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