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Mountain Lakes Bible Camp Job Opprotunities

Job Description


Mountain Lakes Bible Camp


Effective Date: November 2, 2023

Title: Head Cook

Responsible to: Camp Pastor, Mountain Lakes Bible Camp

Purpose: To support the mission of Mountain Lakes Bible Camp by providing facilities to meet the needs of the camp guests


  1. A mature Christian who can readily commit herself/himself to the concepts of evangelism, spiritual growth, and physical refreshment as the mission of the camp ministry.

  2. Dedicated to service; high in communications skills, hospitality, adaptability, and graciousness in meeting the needs of camp guests and in representing the camp to the public.

  3. Committed to the concept that menial, repetitious, and detailed tasks done well require the highest qualities of character.

  4. Ability to subscribe to the doctrinal statement of Bible Baptist Church.

  5. Physically capable of standing for long hours and lifting at least 35 pounds.

  6. Ability to organize and prioritize based on ministry goals, needs, and budget parameters.

  7. Commitment to serving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior



  1. Previous successful experience in food service operations, preferably as a head cook in a camp or other institutional setting.



  1. Serves as Head Cook:

    1. Orders, receives orders, and stores food and kitchen supplies.

    2. Develops menus.

    3. Prepares and oversees preparation and serving of meals

    4. Cleans and oversees cleaning of kitchen, dish washing room and dining room.

    5. Maintains kitchen, dish washing room and dining room to local and state health standards.

    6. Supervises all kitchen, dish washing and dining room staff.

    7. Maintains security and accountability for equipment, supplies and food.

    8. Plans and coordinates work schedules of kitchen employees.

    9. Coordinates with Camp Pastor and/or Volunteer Coordinator about when volunteer help is needed.

    10. Participates with Camp Pastor in recruitment of food service staff.

  2. Coordinates with guest group coordinators and camp directors.

    1. Plans menus and mealtimes with incoming camps.

    2. Coordinates special dietary needs and accommodations with incoming camps.

    3. Oversees groups who provide their own food service by seeing that they follow proper procedures as prescribed by camp policy.

  3. Works alongside Camp Caretaker to oversee the housekeeping needs of the camp by:

    1. Assisting with Cleaning after camps when food service schedule allows.

    2. Coordinates with Camp Caretaker to plan a cleaning schedule for the camp.

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