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Mountain Lakes Bible Camp Job Opprotunities

Job Description 


Mountain Lakes Bible Camp 


Effective Date: October 3, 2022 


Title: Camp Caretaker 


Responsible to: Camp Pastor, Mountain Lakes Bible Camp 


Purpose: To support the mission of Mountain Lakes Bible Camp by providing facilities to meet the needs of the camp guests 


            Mountain Lakes Bible Camp is seeking a dedicated, experienced individual to serve as Camp Caretaker. This individual is required to live on-site at the camp and is responsible for operations, maintenance and new facilities projects at the camp, as well as guest services. The camp is located on eleven acres of Forest Service administered property within the Fremont-Winema National Forest of southern Oregon, between Klamath Falls and Medford. The Facilities include 21 buildings, swimming pool, athletic field, RV sites, water, and septic systems. Mountain Lakes Bible Camp is primarily a summer camp for children and youth from June 10 through August 30. While from September 1 through June 10 the next year Mountain Lakes is primarily used as a retreat facility with frequent weekend use and occasional midweek groups, including school groups. Mountain Lakes Bible Camp has been in continuous operation since 1961 and is owned and operated by Bible Baptist Church of Klamath Falls, who are associated with Church Venture Northwest. The camp is non-denominational in scope and evangelical in purpose.



  1. A mature Christian who can readily commit herself/himself to the concepts of evangelism, spiritual growth, and physical refreshment as the mission of the camp ministry. 

  2. Dedicated to service; high in communications skills, hospitality, adaptability, and graciousness in meeting the needs of camp guests and in representing the camp to the public. 

  3. Committed to the concept that menial, repetitious, and detailed tasks done well require the highest qualities of character. 

  4. Ability to subscribe to the doctrinal statement of Bible Baptist Church. 

  5. In good physical condition. 

  6. Ability to organize and prioritize based on ministry goals, needs, and budget parameters. 


  1. Previous successful experience in facilities operation, maintenance, and management at a camp or similar organization. 

  2. Demonstrated abilities in the fields of carpentry, plumbing, electrical, grounds maintenance, and equipment maintenance 


  • A comfortable home on the grounds of the camp.

  • All utilities except phone or internet service.

  • Meals when the camp kitchen is in operation.

  • A reasonable salary.

  • Paid vacation.


  1. Maintenance of facilities and equipment by: 

    1. Making repairs to buildings, plumbing, and electrical accessories. 

    2. Stocking and inventorying needed supplies and materials. 

    3. Maintaining and inventorying needed tools and equipment. 

    4. Performing routine maintenance on camp vehicles, trailers, and lawn mowers. 

    5. Maintaining the athletic field and other landscaping. 

    6. Maintaining the swimming pool.

  2. Oversees the housekeeping needs of the camp by: 

    1. Establishing routine cleaning schedules and procedures. 

    2. Stocking and inventorying needed cleaning supplies and materials. 

    3. Disposing of trash at the dump.

  3.  Administers the financial responsibilities of the camp petty cash fund, purchase orders, and the Guest Group Rental Agreements by: 

    1. Maintaining security and accountability procedures for these receipts. 

    2. Following recording, communication, and deposit procedures.

  4. Serves guest groups and visitors by: 

    1. Interacting with guests and their requests in a patient and service-oriented manner. 

    2. Overseeing guest group check-in and check-out procedures. 

    3. Overseeing guest group use standards and policies. 

    4. Supervising seasonal guest service employees and lifeguard(s).

  5.  Oversees new camp construction and rehabilitation projects by: 

  1. Participating with the Pastor and camp committee in identifying needed projects and planning their design and implementation. 

  2. Overseeing volunteer work crews and contract work. 

  3. Evaluating effectiveness of design and construction. 

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