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Paul & Becky Geary

Serving Indonesia


Dr. Paul Geary serves at Bethesda Mission Hospital in Indonesia, working with Indonesians from many tribal, cultural and economic backgrounds including believers as well as animist Dayaks, Buddhist Chinese, Islamic Malayu and Javanese, who are seeking compassionate affordable medical care.  (Just for a little History-Paul’s parents, Wendell and Marge Geary founded Bethesda Hospital in 1965.)


Although they live in Minnesota, over the last number of years, Paul has been involved in mentoring several dozen Indonesian Christian doctors in providing competent health care in the name of Jesus.  He has also been providing administrative and management help, and technical support for the medical facilities at Bethesda.  


Due to changes in government regulations in recent years, the hospital has gone through many changes and the challenges. Our Indonesian partners assure us that they are committed to the effort of re-tooling the Bethesda Ministry for the new era of challenges and opportunities. Pray with Becky and Paul as they take steps to acquire a visa that will allow Paul to participate more fully in supporting administrative work.

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