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University of Colorado Boulder

Rebekah Cornelius


As Rebekah states, college is a time to ask questions, figure out your identity and career path, and try out various things that may or may not bring pleasure and satisfaction. At best, these are good opportunities to learn and grow, but for too many students it's a season of wandering alone in the dark, trying to find answers that seem elusive and a path for life success that seems impossible to achieve. In her role with The Navigators Collegiate Ministry, Rebekah has the unique privilege to walk alongside students through group Bible studies, life-on-life mentoring and discipleship, and a whole lot of food and fun!! The food and fun part is a way for students to invite their friends to join as the group searches for hope and truth found in the Word of God.

Rebekah is excited to be a part of this ministry in which thousands of lives are transformed every year. Navigators has intentional systems and training in place to disciple students so that they in turn learn how to be disciplemakers themselves, taking those skills into their future careers, relationships, churches, and more! 

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