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Serving Asia

Ben and Jan Brown

Ben and Jan Brown have been global missionaries since 2007 when they began their ministry as LLC Singapore. In 2009 they organized "Go With God Global", an outreach into China with the goal of training pastors to reach their own people. They also have been responsible for distributing Bibles throughout China, in the languages of the local tribes. To date they have distributed 15 million Bibles to the people of China.

Ben has made countless trips to China to personally train senior pastors for in- country pastoral outreach.

Their associates in turn, provide pastoral training, this method of training ultimately yields 32 million pastors a year. 

Another outreach consults with "Faith Comes By Hearing". This collaboration translates 350 Bible verses into remote tribe's language in as little as 6 days. This outreach is exponential and the goal is to give every person in China access to the Bible in their own tongue by 2032. 

We are incredibly blessed in the US to have open access to the Bible, not only in our language, but many versions which enable us to understand the Word of God. May we prayerfully support  "Go With God Global" as they seek to reach every soul in China with the The Good News of Jesus Christ.

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