March Outreach 

Klamath Falls Gospel Mission


300 Strong?

     In the book of Judges, the man Gideon was told “The Lord is with you” and the Lord wanted to show Himself strong, so the Lord spoke through Gideon to 22,000 people if you are fearful and trembling, GO HOME. So the number left was 10,000.                                                                                     

     The Lord had the remaining 10,000 drink water and basically those who drank like a dog had to go home too. This left “300”, that were “STRONG”, because though small in number, their hope was in their God. Despite insurmountable odds, those “300” ended up defeating an army 135,000.

     What does this mean to you? We have seemingly insurmountable odds with the spiritual and physical warfare that many men, women and children are going through right here in the Klamath Basin. But we also have the same God that Gideon does.  Will you be one of the “300 STRONG” (monthly givers)?

     Go to and click “Donations” to sign up…What seems small to you is a very powerful thing when partnered with the Lord.

Life Recovery Discipleship Program


The Gospel Mission offers an opportunity of change for those who want to overcome negative life controlling issues, learn to apply new principals in their lives and move from dependency to dignity and self-sufficiency. Our in-house, long term, Bible based Recovery Program for men and women focuses on Christian growth/discipleship, recovery from addictions, and restoring the individuals’ life to become a productive community member. This program is for those that are serious in wanting to make a change.


Our program classes are also open to the public Tuesday through Friday 10:00-11:30am.


Below are listed just a few of the classes we offer:

Understanding The Bible        

Recovery from Addictions

Successful Christian Living     

Love and Accepting Myself

Growing Through Failure       

The Purpose Drive Life by Rick Warren

The Local Mission provides services to anyone without regard for race, color, sex, disability, religion or national origin.  The facility offers a safe and sober environment to those who are in need of their services.  Those who are in need will find meals, showers, clean clothing, household goods and Biblical counseling.

The Gospel Mission Bucks Program is a new way to help people in need without handling them cash.  By handing these 'bucks' out in lieu of currency, you are showing them where the mission is located and thereby avoiding the funding of any bad habits. You will find these 'bucks' on the tables at the back of the auditorium. 

Contact 541-882-4895 if you would like more information.

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   The “Heart of the Mission” online fundraiser was a huge success.  We strive to make every dollar that comes in count for helping change a life and give a ‘hand up’ that so many need. 

   During Super Bowl Season our discipleship program members took some time off and used their own hard earned money to buy snacks and treats.  Part of recovery is learning how to take time off to have fun without drugs and alcohol.

   Our Mission Bucks program is going great. Many Churches and Agencies are handing these out to people in need.  By giving someone a Mission Buck rather than cash, you are giving them a hand up and a way out.  We are a safe refuge and a shelter to those in need.


Thank you for believing in us,

 Ammond Crawford, Executive Director