Pastor Kraig has been serving in various roles at BBC since 1991, including the Worship Team, Technical Ministries director, MLBC Pastor, Youth Group Volunteer, Triad School Chaplain and Bible Teacher, BBC Janitor and also serves in the Oregon Air National Guard as the Wing Chaplain for the 173rd Fighter Wing.  He has been our MLBC Pastor since 2012. Pastor Kraig and his wife Marcie have two children, Grace and Kassidy.

“I love the Klamath Basin and have a soft heart for those who have served our nation in our military.”

“I love to serve my church in any capacity where I am able.”

Favorite Bible Verse- Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.”

Recommended Books- Introducing Christian Doctrine (Millard Erickson), Living by the Book (Howard Hendricks), Love & Respect (Emmerson Eggerichs), How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk (Dr. John Van Epp)

Favorite Quote- “Whaaaat?”  From TV series Psych (I know, not deep, but it makes me laugh every time) 

Place Born and Raised- Los Angeles, CA


Hobbies & Interest- Playing/writing music (keyboards, guitar, piano), listening to music (all sorts except country and rap), bike riding, volleyball

Favorite Places Visited- Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, Hawaii, New Zealand, Antarctica and the South Pole

Favorite Sports Teams- Ducks, Green Bay Packers, Triad Timberwolves